Free standing Bath Designed by Philippe Starck (Germany)
Boffi Rain Shower and Taps (Italy)
Toto Neolast  Toilet- Latest Generation washlet (Japan)

Boffi Kitchen with Stainless Steel top , Gas  and taps (Italy)

Iguzzini light system from Italy Iguzzini (Italy)
Forbes & Lomax smart Dimmers everywhere (UK)
Traxon Computerized LED system . with RGB Light , with RF remote .

All windows with Electric Shutters with 3 positions  ,open close middle. (Germany)
All windows anodized aluminium with anti sun and dark anti fire glasses with hidden frames (Japan)

3 Terraces facing south with Wood Deck Lighting and solid Stainless Steel Handrail
State of the art Hi Fi Configuration , 11 Built in Speaker in all the parts of the house (Japan , UK)
Custom made Laser Cutting Stainless Steel and Glass  Folding / sliding  Doors (Europe)

Miele Oven + Microwave (Germany)
Miele Dish Washer (Germany)
Hitachi Big Drum Washing Machine (Japan)

Italian and French plaster , art paint
Oil paint , satin white In most of the walls

Concrete Floor , living and studio
White concrete Floor in Bath
Oak Wood floor in bedroom

2 Units of Central system Air conditions by Daikin (Japan)

Custom made closets by Time & Style (Japan)
Hidden Bar
Hidden Washing Machine closet
Hidden Storage spaces

Security System - All Hidden
A Penthouse Located in Hiroo , the international neighborhood of Tokyo .

This typical Japanese style 3 bedroom apartment in a regular Tokyo Building , transformed to a sunny
Penthouse Loft ,using special doors and closets enable the owners to have many versatile configurations of

Inspired from the Tea Ceremony world we Created a 3D ceiling in the studio area , gives a unique quiet energy
at the entrance to the Loft.

Technical data :

Location : Hiroo , Tokyo
Size : 82sqm
Total Rooms : Studio , Living-Kitchen and bedroom
Floors :Studio/Living - Grey Concrete , Bath - White concrete
Wood Floors : Bedroom -Colored oak , Terraces and bath - Teak wood.
Lights : Iguzzini minimal , Traxon LED RGB ,Forbes and Lomax swithes.

Studio / Entrance Hall :

-Sofa by B&B Italy
-Tables by No Name and Cappellini Italy
-Drawers by Cartel
-Bookshelf - Salvador Nissi Vilcovsky
- Custom made laser cut stainless steel and glass doors 80kg each hanged by one 10mm screw , to divide the
spaces , with the possibility to turn them 360 degrees , and side ways , in order to allow versatility.- by Salvador
Nissi Vilcovsky


- Dark wood and stainless steel kitchen is by Boffi .
- Table and chairs by Edra
- Oven and dishwasher by Miele
- Hidden Ventilation hood as a drawer by Salvador Nissi Vilcovsky

Bath :

- Free standing Bath by Hoesch Germany
- Taps and sync by Boffi
- Washlet Neolast by Toto
- Hidden washing Machine closet by Salvador Nissi Vilcovsky
Magazines Shelf by Mariko Kobayashi

Bedroom :

- Movable closet - a movable walk in closet , made from 3 movable closets add one fixed , enable the owners to
close it as part of the wall. By Salvador Nissi Vilcovsky
- Bed by Cassina

Other Details :

- Hidden state of the art Hi-Fi system - hidden in the walls , camouflaged in the "Aircon Tunnels " 11 speakers ,
the main system is hidden in a pseudo wall , that can be open.
- Hidden Bar in the wall
- The 3 sunny terraces transformed with a deck and solid stainless steel monolithic hand rail by Salvador Nissi